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Hints on privacy

Within the present case of the web presence there will be due to your visit of these web sites the following data will be logged:

  • Date and Time
  • IP-Address
  • Visited page
  • The page you have been coming from (so called referer), if existent
  • Used browser
  • Client-operating system

The logged data will only be used for statistical reasons und analyzed to get an answer to questions like which pages have been visited and how long have you stayed there and of course to get information about the data volume which have be produces through visiting the pages.

The analyzing of the data will be done in anonymous form which means there will no ip address used there, e.g. no analyzing about the geographical area of the visitor will be made.

The logged data will rotated based on a monthly cycle. This means, that after a month the logged files will be deleted.

We do not transfer any of data to third parties except to criminal investigation based to comply legal requirements as an operating company.